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2017-18 Scale-Up Recipients

Click 2017-18 Scale Up Award Winners to see a complete list of formal and informal educators who were awarded materials and professional development.


Scale-Up Program Overview

Through a rigorous review process, the STEM Council selected nine programs to be offered on the 2017-18 STEM Scale-Up Program menu to provide high-quality STEM education offerings to schools, afterschool programs and other settings for grades pre-K through 12.

These programs range from building robots and coding programs to conducting agricultural field experiences and learning about STEM careers. All went through a rigorous review process at both the national and state level, demonstrating an appeal to diverse youth, success in improving academic performance, evidence of integrating STEM concepts, development of school-business-community partnerships and sustainability beyond STEM Council financial support.


2017 Council Participation by District

If you’d like to know if and how our school district benefits from Iowa STEM resources, please take a look at the this complete list: Council Participation by District 2017.

Directions: 1. Click the link above. 2. The next screen offers a link to an Excel document, click to download. 3. Open the downloaded Excel document to see school districts listed alphabetically.