Congratulations to the 2021-22 Scale-Up Awardees!

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2021-22 Menu Programs
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Description: Helps students understand the power of computer science and how things work in the real world by seeing their projects come to life.
Grade Level: 3-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Kelsey Derringer, CodeJoy LLC,
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Description: Engages students in algebraic reasoning that results in conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and the capacity for creative problem solving needed for the STEM careers of tomorrow.
Grade Level: K-8
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Mary Kareem Smith, DreamBox,
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Description: Monthly professional development in the form of short, on-demand videos taught in the context of real-world problems or phenomena.
Grade Level: PreK-5
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Dr. Yen Verhoeven, QI Learning Research Group,
Description: Teams of up to six students discover and learn about the topic, present their findings in the form of a team poster and LEGO model they design, build and program to move autonomously.
Grade Level: K-4
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Camille Schroeder, Iowa State University,
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Description: Creates a foundation for students to understand where their food comes from, how it is grown and its integration into curricular disciplines.
Grade Level: PreK-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Michael Bechtel, Wartburg College,
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Description: Framework that assists the teacher in facilitating the physical and social environment of the classroom to allow children to investigate the macro questions of, “What does light allow me to do?” over time.
Grade Level: PreK-3
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Dr. Beth VanMeeteren, UNI,
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Description: A cloud-based platform that connects teachers with industry professionals from various STEM pathways to virtually interact with students to bring abstract lessons to life.
Grade Level: K-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Amanda Holsclaw, Nepris,
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Description: Students play the role of real-life medical detectives as they collect and analyze medical data to diagnose disease.
Grade Level: 6-8
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Vic Dreier, PLTW,
Description: Engages students in acquiring fundamental knowledge about principles of genetics, molecular biology and bioinformatics.
Grade Level: 6-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Dr. Pramod Mahajan, Drake University,
Description: Educational innovation designed to connect children’s literature with STEM. Enables educators of young children to successfully incorporate age appropriate STEM concepts into children’s programming.
Grade Level: PreK-2
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Gabriela Rose, Allegheny Intermediate Unit,
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Description: Explains the science of energy, sources of energy, electricity generation and transmission, transportation and efficiency and conservation at home and at school.
Grade Level: 3-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Rebecca Lamb, National Energy Ed Dev (NEED),
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Description: A snap-together robotics system designed to encourage future engineers of all skill levels.
Grade Level: 5-8
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Cheryl Burley Rausch, REC Foundation,
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Award Includes Materials and Training

Through legislative appropriations, the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council is able to offer exemplary STEM programs throughout the state.  STEM Scale-Up programs are programs that have demonstrated success in increasing student interest and achievement in STEM no matter the size of the community.  A top priority of the STEM Council is to help improve learner interest and achievement in STEM areas. To help meet this goal, 12 exemplary STEM programs have been competitively selected to be implemented throughout Iowa.


PreK-12 educators, both in and out of the classroom, are eligible to apply, so long as they have undergone a criminal background check as a requirement of employment. Eligible applicant(s) include public and private school PreK-12 teachers, youth organization leaders, informal education professionals, home school associations and others who deliver STEM education programming. Every applicant must secure the commitment and signature of the institution’s lead administrator(s).


It is a program delivered to selected applicants. However, applicants who propose to cost-share by absorbing some expenses (e.g. supplies, travel or administration, etc.) or bringing additional funding (e.g. a grant or private sector donation, etc.) will be considered favorably during the review process. Some program options require cost-sharing as noted in their descriptions.


Once the program has been implemented, all awarded educators will be required to participate in assessing the effectiveness of their awarded program with the following:

  • An educator survey to be completed at the end of the STEM Scale-Up Program; and
  • A student participant list to be completed at the end of the STEM Scale-Up Program.

[Note: Some STEM Scale-Up Program providers may request additional evaluation data.]  




  • Educator: is any school (public, private or home school association), a Boy/Girl Scout troop, a 4H Club, library, a childcare organization or any organization that works with youth—formally or informally. 
  • Scale-Up Programs: programs must be “scaleable” to any community in Iowa, regardless of that community’s resources or size. A Scale-Up STEM program must be well established programming that can be sustained beyond initial Advisory Council investment. A Scale-Up program must be able to adapt to rapid and exponential growth of an organization’s programming and administrative operations. Providers are expected to have the staffing and capacity necessary to expand their operations from a small number of sites to statewide coverage. 
  • Service Provider: (selected through this Scale-Up Program proposal process) is an independent contractor who agrees to provide related scale-up programming and services to the awarded educators as part of the Iowa STEM Scale-Up initiative. Programming may include, but not be limited to, curricula, teacher professional development, kits, materials, equipment, mentor systems, on-line resources and/or educational technology.

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