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STEM for all!

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The Iowa STEM Advisory Council was created to increase interest and achievement in these key areas. In order for Iowa students to complete in a global economy and make smart, socially-responsible decisions, Iowa graduates need a solid STEM education. In addition, it is vital to Iowa’s economy and quality of life.

The Council unites educators, students, businesses, legislators, nonprofits, and communities in an effort to improve STEM opportunities and awareness. The SC STEM Region is just one of six around the state. Our efforts fall into three main categories: 1.) provide programming and support for K-12 teachers, 2.) host community-wide STEM festivals and events, and 3.) seek out opportunities to offer STEM to diverse communities around the region.


In the News….

SC Regional Hub Scale-Up Updates

2018-19 Scale-Ups have been chosen! We hope there’s something on the list that’s perfect for you!
APPLICATIONS OPEN: January 22 – March 5!


Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) – Animal and Plant Biotech*
Description: Experience industry appropriate applications of biotechnology-related plant and animal agriculture through hands-on activities, projects and problems in biotechnology. Research and experimental design will be highlighted in industry-appropriate investigations that involve micropipetting, bacterial cultures and transformations, electrophoresis, and the polymerase chain.
Grade Level: 10-12
For Settings: In school
For more information:

Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) – Environmental Sci Issues*
Description: Investigate areas that include ecosystem management, sustainable agriculture, energy choices, and pollution. Students will research, investigate, experiment, and document a project, and communicate solutions to peers and members of the professional community.
Grade Level: 10-12
For Settings: In school
For more information:

Computer Science Principles*
Description: A year-long course that aligns with CSTA standards and 21st Century Learning Skills. It can be delivered as an Advanced Placement course. Teachers need no prior computer technology experience to qualify for training.
Grade Level: 9-12
For Settings: In school
For more information:

Engineering Everywhere*
Description: Helps students think creatively and solve globally relevant engineering challenges during out-of-school programs. Each unit has an introduction to the engineering process, culminating design challenge, science and mathematics standards, and 21st Century Learning Skills.
Grade Level: 6-8
For Settings: Out of school
For more information:

Making STEM Connections
Description: Activities that help students connect STEM to their daily lives and develop competencies essential to Iowa’s future workforce. Grounded in making, safety, upcycling, creative constraints, art, and reinventing technologies. Lessons build on NGSS standards, reflect Iowa Common Core, and include National CORE Art Standards.
Grade Level: K-9
For Settings: In school and out of school
For more information:

Pint Size Science*
Description: Four hands-on modules: one introductory unit and three chosen by the educator. Features Iowa Early Learning Standards/GOLD Objectives, NGSS, Iowa Common Core math and literacy and 21st Century Learning Skills. Includes kit materials, curriculum guides, website and webinar support.
Grade Level: PreK-2
For Settings: In school and out of school
For more information:

PowerTeaching Math
Description: Includes active instruction, team practice, formative and formal assessments, feedback and motivation, and a designated PowerTeaching coach. Contains Iowa Common Core Mathematics Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills.
Grade Level: 6-8
For Settings: In school
For more information:

Project Lead The Way (PLTW): Computer Science for Innovators and Makers*
Description: Using real-world scenarios, students use the design process, which includes defining the problem, generating concepts, and designing and presenting a solution. Aligns to NGSS, Iowa Common Core for Mathematics and ELA, and CSTA Standards.
Grade Level: 6-8
For Settings: In school
For more information:

Ramps and Pathways
Description: Explore the engineering process and mathematics of spatial thinking and geometry through construction of marble runs; mathematics and literacy skills through data collection; physics of force and motion through conversations and retesting; and 21st Century Learning Skills related to creation and innovation.
Grade Level: K-2
For Settings: In school and out of school
For more information:

STEM in Action*
Description: With options in Life, Earth and Physical Sciences, each educator-chosen kit (5 for PreK, 9 for K-2, 9 for 3-5) is formatted into small, manageable bits of time with limited consumable items. Available in English and Spanish.
Grade Level: PreK-5
For Settings: In school and out of school
For more information:

Need more info? Please check out this PowerPoint:


2. STEM BEST schools have been awarded to the following districts in the South Central region:

  • Ankeny Schools
  • Des Moines Hoover High School 
  • Albia Community Schools
  • Chariton Community Schools
  • Newton High School

3. The 2016 Scale-Up Program Evaluations are back. Read more here:

4. 2018 I.O.W.A. STEM Teachers will be awarded in January. Thanks to the many who nominated outstanding educators across the state.






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If you live in South Central Iowa and need help with STEM, start here!

Dr. Sarah Derry, SC STEM Regional Manager

Collier-Scripps Hall #314/317
2702 Forest Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50031

Phone: 515-271-2403

facebookFacebook: South Central Iowa STEM Region

instastram logo 2Instagram: sc_iowa_stem

 Event calendar:  Visit the SC STEM Hub’s calendar!

The South Central STEM Region is part of the Iowa STEM Council. Click HERE to learn more about the state-wide program.





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