South Central STEM Region

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STEM for All

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The Iowa STEM Advisory Council was created to increase interest and achievement in these key areas. In order for Iowa students to complete in a global economy and make smart, socially-responsible decisions, Iowa graduates need a solid STEM education. In addition, it is vital to Iowa’s economy and quality of life.

The Council unites educators, students, businesses, legislators, nonprofits, and communities in an effort to improve STEM opportunities and awareness. The SC STEM Region is just one of six around the state. Our efforts fall into three main categories: 1.) provide programming and support for K-12 teachers, 2.) host community-wide STEM festivals and events, and 3.) seek out opportunities to offer STEM to diverse communities around the region.


The Hub is one of a state network of six offices, and we want to meet you! We’re always looking for people who help the STEM community thrive in the South Central region. Contact Dr. Sarah Derry (info below), to arrange a meeting or invite her to speak to your group or conference.


Looking for Festival Registration ?

Click HERE.


Math Scale-Up Updates

If you applied for math Scale-Ups, thank you! We’re working hard to read those applications right now. Announcements will be Oct. 31.

Click here to read more!

  • RFP period: 6 weeks (June 3 – July 15)
  • Review period: 5 weeks (July 16 – August 16)
  • Program Proposers notified: on or about August 16
  • Educator application preparation period: 1 week (Aug. 16 – Aug. 26)
  • Educator application period: 5 weeks (Aug. 27 – Oct. 1)
  • Review period: 3 weeks (Oct. 1 – Oct. 22)
  • Awardees notified: Oct. 31
  • Expenditure Period: 6 months (Nov. 1 – Apr. 30)
  • Implementation: 7 months (Nov. 1 – May 31)


Find the Latest STEM News HERE:


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If you live in South Central Iowa and need help with STEM, start here!

Dr. Sarah Derry, SC STEM Regional Manager

Collier-Scripps Hall #314/317
2702 Forest Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50031

Phone: 515-271-2403

facebookFacebook: South Central Iowa STEM Region

instastram logo 2Instagram: sc_iowa_stem

 Event calendar:  Visit the SC STEM Hub’s calendar!

Share your STEM stories through the hashtag: #STEMinYourWorld.

The South Central STEM Region is part of the Iowa STEM Council. Click HERE to learn more about the state-wide program.


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