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It’s free and easy to use! Educators can keep the kits up to 6 weeks and the set of 30 tablets up to 2 weeks. You can also reserve your kit to ensure access to materials in the future.

Make your request using this Google Checkout Form. You’ll get a confirmation of the request with details on how to pick it up. If you don’t hear back from the Hub within a day or two, please send a note of inquiry to

If you’re having trouble locating an item and we don’t have it, send a note our way. We’ll see if it’s within the six-Hub network.



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State STEM Resources

Post-Secondary Programs and Resources

Drake University STEM Programs


Indian Hills Community College Academics

William Penn University Academics

Grandview University Academics

Central College STEM — Exploring

Simpson College STEM Visit Day

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Iowa Valley Community College STEM Club



Free STEM Resources for Educators and Parents

FREE Online Quiz–Find Your STEM-Job Type: Hosted by Sign up for their online newsletter, too.

FREE credits for high school students: DMACC IT courses

Elevate Iowa Educator Resources: Request a speaker or schedule a field trip to learn about Advanced Manufacturing in Iowa

Vital Signs: Researched-based statistics and facts promoting STEM education

Iowa STEM Evaluation Results: Is this initiative working? We think so, but judge for yourself. This link is full of stats and facts.

The Laboratory Safety Institute: Ensure lab safety with LSI training and services.