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Book Review: What Do Wheels Do All Day?

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With simple text and cut-paper illustrations, younger readers will love What Do Wheels Do All Day? by April Jones Prince and Giles LaRoche. To answer the question posed by the title—wheels do STEM jobs! Students learn all the important things wheels do through energetic verb choices and pictures.

We’re so glad that 4-year-old Kenlee stopped by the blog to talk with us. When not reading, Kenlee likes to ride her pony. While her favorite mode of transportation might not have wheels, check our her great insights about this book.

Kenlee 2Q:  What is this book about?
A: It is about all the different kinds of wheels, colorful wheels, and what wheels do.

Q:  What was the best part about this book?
A: I liked looking at all the pictures of the different wheels.

Q:  What part of this book made you smile?
A: The wheels that twirls.

Q:  What part of the book surprised you the most?
A: That there were planes in this book.

Q:  What part of the book worried or concerned you?
A: The big carnival ride with people upside-down.

Q:  What did you learn from reading this book?
A: I learned that there are more wheels than what I thought.

what do wheels do all dayQ:  List three words that best describe this book.
A: Surprised, worried, and happy

Q:  What was your favorite line or phrase from the book?
A: “wheels that play”

Q:  Who else should read this book and why?
A: My teacher, Ms. Johnson, should read this book, because she would like it.

Watch the story, as featured on Between the Lions.

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Additional Resources:

From the author’s website:
Download this wheels-related preschool lesson plan developed
by the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation and featuring
What Do Wheels Do All Day?.

Curious about the paper-relief technique illustrator Giles LaRoche uses in his books? Check out his website.

For K-6 teachers who are interested in learning more about wheels, the Hub lending-library has kits for AWIM’s Motorized Toy Cars. Inquire about checkout at

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