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Not a Box Book Review

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not a boxNot a Box is an educational philosophy as much as it is a picture book, and it’s the perfect way to promote imaginative play and creative thinking. From the youngest reader to a corporate team-building activity, this book encourages everyone to step outside (inside, on top of, under, around) the box!

Written and illustrated by Antoinette Portis, this book has a built-in activity that could be completely student-driven, as long as the educator or parent supplies the boxes. Google for more classroom ideas, like this one from Teach Preschool.

We were so happy when Lily, age 4, stopped by to share her thoughts on the book. When not reading, Lily enjoys playing, so she’s the perfect reviewer for this story.

Q:  What is this book about?
A: It is about a bunny who makes a box into a bunch of stuff.  He makes it into a boat, a rocket, and a car.

Q:  What is the best part of the book?not a box book 2
A: I liked the bunny.

Q:  What part of this book made you smile?
A: When the bunny went to the moon.

Q:  What part of the book surprised you the most?
A: That he could make so many things out of a box.

Q: What did you learn from reading this book?
A: That I can make a bunch of stuff out of a box, too.

Q: List three words that describe this book.
A: Funny, creative, happy

box2Q: What was your favorite line or phrase from the book?
A: “It’s not a box!”

Q:  Who else should read this book AND why?
A: Mya, my older cousin, should read this book, because she likes to play with me.

Looking for a quick overview? Check out this Youtube video: Not a Box Read Aloud

Also, checkout Portis’ Not a Stick and more of her books.


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