Book Review: The Most Magnificent Thing

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thumbnail_KerriganAshely Spires’ picture book, The Most Magnificent Thing (Kids Can Press), has won a dozen awards. It’s about a little girl who decides she’s going to make something wonderful. But making something isn’t always as easy as it looks. This book is a great example of what can happen with a little perseverance and creativity.

Meet our reviewer: 4-year-old Kerrigan, at the left. She likes to read, draw and play with play dough. See what she thought about this story.

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Most Mag Thing 2Q: What is this book about?
A: The girl was building a thing with her dog.  She had to work slowly and use her brain.

Q: What was the best part about this book?
A: When the dog and girl had fun on the scooter.

Q: What part of this book made you smile?
A: When she made a scooter.

Q: What part of the book worried or concerned you?
A: When the girl hit her finger.

Q: What did you learn from reading this book?
A: I learned to think and work gently and slowly.

Q: List three words that best describe this book.
A: Good, exciting, and funny.

Q: What was your favorite line or phrase from the book?
A: “If only the thing would just work!”  (Kerrigan liked this illustration the best, too.)

Q: Who else should read this book AND why?
A: Everyone. Because they could learn to fix things gently.

Check out this Kids Can Press, the book’s publisher, book trailer.


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